Alyssa Frayn

Elder daughter of the house, recently returned from King's Landing after the death of her husband.


The 24 year old elder daughter of the house, Alyssa is beautiful, intelligent and devious. Having travelled to King’s Landing as part of Lady Lysa Arryn’s retinue, she was married to Ser Tomas Frayn, the heir to a relatively minor banner house of the Lannisters. The marriage seemed relatively happy and produced two children, Gawyn and Myrelle.

Alyssa took to the intrigue and excitement of life in Kings Landing wholeheartedly and life in the Vale seemed very dull by comparison. The first sign of trouble came when her husband was killed in a joust. Shortly after, Jon Arryn himself died and Lady Lysa, seemingly a little unhinged, decided to return to the Vale along with her retinue. To say that Alyssa is displeased about returning to the Vale is an understatement and she is also underwhelmed by her new stepmother. At least there is an opportunity to assist her sister obtain a suitable match – or maybe even another for herself – and advance the fortune of the house by whatever means she has.


Alyssa Frayn

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