Hugo 'The Jackdaw' Corbie

Uncle to the Lord of the Blue Corbies, he's a small man in his mid 30s with remarkable grey eyes that seem to notice everything


Awareness 5 Empathy 1B Notice 1B
Cunning 5 Memory 2B
Endurance 4 Stamina 1B
Warfare 4
Will 4 Dedication 1B
Agility 3
Athletics 3 2 (-1D Flaw Sedentary )
Fighting 3 Fencing 1
Languages Common 3 Braavosi 1
Knowledge 3 Education 1B
Persuasion 3 Bargain 1B
Status 3
Deception 1
Thievery 1

All others 2

Passive Awareness 23
Passive Endurance 16
Passive Stealth 8

Combat Defence 10 plus Dagger (2) or Sword & Dagger (3)
Intrigue Defence 13
Composure 14
Health 12

Eidetic Memory (When testing Cunning to use Memory, you may add your Memory bonus dice as test dice)
Stubborn (You may add the number of bonus dice you have in Dedication to your Composure)
Water Dancer 1 (You may add your Fighting rank to all Awareness test results and to your passive Awareness result.

Flaw – Athletics (When you gain this drawback, select a single ability. You take –1D on all tests involving this ability. For how these flaws might manifest in your character, see the following chart. When calculating your passive test result with this ability, you treat your ability as being 1 point lower. For example, if you have Perception 4 and the Flaw (Awareness) draw-back, your passive Awareness result would by 12 ([4 − 1] x 4). You also reduce any derived characteristics (such as Intrigue Defense or weapon damage) by 1)
Honour Bound (You must re-roll all 6s on Deception tests and take the second roll, even if it’s worse than the first roll)

Destiny Points 1

Braavosi Blade
Left Hand Dagger
Light X-Bow
Padded Armour

8GD 90SS


Instead of becoming a Septa as was expected of the Blue Corbies he left to join a mercenery company where his intelligence was quickly spotted and he became the leaders steward, eventually rising to become leader himself. After a campaign in Braavos he became interested in their culture and lived there for a few years before returning to the Seven Kingdoms, and upon hearing of the ascension of his nephew to the leadership of the Blue Corbies returned to their land in case the boy needed him. Accompanying him were Ser Nathan a poor of wealth but skilled at arms Knight and Squire Lyam Snow.

Honest to a fault; he rebelled against his teenage nickname’s reputation for thievery, even though it was actually given to him for his small stature and unnaturally grey beard.

Hugo 'The Jackdaw' Corbie

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