Maester Ethan Waters

Enthusiastic Maester


Young by the standards of Maesters, he’s on his first posting outside of the Citadel following the passing of Petyr Connington the old Maester. He has only recently arrived in the Vale. He was left at the citadel by an ailing woman after the battle of the nine-penny kings.

Petyr Connington recommended him to the post after meeting him at the tournament to celebrate the sucess of Robert’s Rebellion. He sucessfully treated a number of the small-folk after a portion of grandstand collapsed when knights fell into it.

He is deeply devoted to his calling, with a strong sense of charity having previously worked in the poorer sections of King’s Landing. At times his better nature can be his undoing, as he tends to assume others will work from similar motivations.

(Nb he’s got to have a flaw given his age. I’d imagine him as being pretty deft for surgery reasons, and I’d imagine having a poor constituion wouldn’t sit with him tending to the sick – so I’m assuming hes gotten slightly overweight as he’s turning 30 and has lived in the citadel for all of that time.). Hes therefore possibly a tad fatter than the actor I’ve selected.


Stats middle aged

Ability 2d6 except for
Athletics 2db Flaw Sedentary -1d6
Warfare 1db (50pt advantage)
Animal Handling 3
Awareness 4 – empathy 1
Cunning 3 – logic +1 , decipher
Healing 5 – diagnosis +1 , treat ailment +1 , treat injury +1
Knowledge 5 -education +1 , research +1 KF Alchemy KF History and Legends
Language 3 Common Tongue – nb starter level is 2? Bloody irksome as thats functionally illiterate
Language 1 High Valyrian
Language 1 Braavosi
Status 4 – stewardship +2
Will 3

gold to spend – 11 dragons

basic derived without kit
intrigue defense – 11
composure – 9
combat defense – 8 (need to check flaw)
health – 6

Benefit – Maester +cunning onto any knowledge /will roll,
Knowledge Focus – treat bonus dice on Alchemy/ History and Legends as test dice (e.g rolling 6 when trying to remember / study into alchemy or history & legends)
agility flaw
Destiny points 0 (maester is a bitch of a benefit to take – so thats my one for the team!)

Maester Ethan Waters

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