Vyrero Olarias

Braavosi sell-sword who has got a little lost


Archetype – Expert Fighter
Age Adult – late 20’s

Background event – Knew someone famous (any suggestions?)
Goals – Skill/ mastery in fencing
Motivation – excellence
Virtues – Magnamimous
Vice – Ambitious/ grasping

So my thinking with this is that he’s an expert seeking to find a challenge. If he’d been born in Westeros then he’d probably be a Ser of noble birth – but as hes a sell sword from Braavos he’s coming across to the male population as someone who’s far too cocky, far too willing to fight for show/ money and far too interested in the local wenches…

5 dragons to spend


Abilities – 2d6 except for

Agility 3 – Dodge 1b
Animal handling 3
Awareness 4
Cunning 3
Deception 3
Fighting 5 – 2db fencing, 1db brawling
Language – Braavosi 2, Common Tongue 1
Persuasion 4 – Charm 1db, Seduction 1db
Marksmanship 3 – Thrown 1db, Crossbows 1db

Flaw – forgetful reroll d6 on cunning
Benefit –
attractive (foreign accent & mysterious) – reroll 1s on persuasion
Talented – fencing +1
Talented – persuasion +1

Vyrero Olarias

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