Initial Point Investment

Per Our Rolls at the start:

Defences – 54 -Second in defensibility to the Eeyrie
Influence – 46 – A powerful minor house – equivalent to Frey’s or Florrent
Lands – 24 – Modest stretch of land – or strategic island – similar to house frey
Law – 5 – Almost lawless – we’re explaining this by a number of loyalists to the old side fleeing into the mountain clans
Population – 21 – Typical population small towns/ communities round your fortifications – we’re explaining this as us having a Pale – so two towns inside one round of defences – then core defences.
Power – 41 – (This is odd) – several banner houses & a large force of soldiers
Wealth – 55 – Rich – your family wants for nothing – second only to Lannisters

Founded during war of ursurper (explained by ours being cadet house & only now rising up)
Location – The Vale
Catastrophe – our ‘senior’ line backed the wrong side in the war of the ursurper forcing us to rise up against them and force them into the wilds (also hels explain our low law score)
Favour – our great uncle was a High Septon who spoke out againt the Targaryen
Infrastructure – we were able to develop the mining from our main holding to create a safe passage we can control through the mountains

So what have we spent

Defence – 50, leaving 4 – to give us a superior castle. This gives us something like Winterfell. We’re arguing that its basically Two curtain wall on either side of a nasty range of mountains. By creating the mining roads through these locations we were able to create a faster route from gull town to the eerie. +12 to defence

Lands – two small hamlets at either side of the pass (size of winter town?) – 20, leaving 4

Wealth – leaving 25
- 10 to acquire a Maester (north side as we’re meant to have been the shifty legal types types)
- 5 Mines (south side)
- 15 Sept (I’m assuming its on the Northern side of the pass & reflects our former high septon’s birthplace?)

We have one space to use up in hamlet 2

What does this suggest – For the purposes of this I’m assuming that the lawlessness has basically meant we only control what we can see – there are other towns but there are better than average chances that they are actively withholding their money/ actively funding our enemies? We’ll have some damn wierd shit going on re costs of fortunes unless we can start to retake control

Initial Point Investment

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