Squire Lyam Snow

Squire to Ser Nathan Woodgard aka Ser Stabby


Squire to Ser Stabby, Lyam Snow was born Lyanna Snow, a bastard daughter of Lord Umber (one of the Stark banner houses). As a Northern girl she was trained to fight and much preferred it to more ladylike pursuits.

As a bastard, the likelihood was that her fate would be marriage to some minor younger son or to be sent to be a Septa. Neither option much appealed so she cut her hair, disguised herself as a boy and decided to find employment as a squire. She met Ser Nathan / Ser Stabby at a point where he was in need of a squire and not in a position to be fussy. She is good at what she does, gutsy and determined.

She is friends with Ivan though he doesn’t know she is a girl; Ser Stabby, however, does but doesn’t care so long as she does her job well.

She is 17 years old, tall for a woman (fortunately!) and strong with dark hair and strong features


Squire Lyam Snow

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